Earth spins on an axis that is almost perpendicular to the
plane of its rotation around Sol. Energy streams from the
surface of the sun and bathes the planet's surface as it
turns, giving cool nights and warm days to life on the planet.

The first hysterical tweets originated from the western
hemisphere of the planet on a Tuesday morning. By late
afternoon, chaos had erupted around the globe. The leading
edge of the coronal mass ejection event reached the surface
of the planet several hours later.

The visuals were stunning. A bluish glow of excited atmospheric
particles surrounded any ferrous metal object bigger than a
breadbasket. Ball lightning would suddenly appear, buzzing
and crackling and seeming to move with intent like a
malevolent spirit and discharging with a bang upon reaching
some random destination.

Whether connected to anything or not, every conductor from
the cables of suspension bridges to solder dots on circuit
boards became a high voltage source. In eighteen hours, the
silicon junctions in virtually every transistor ever manufactured
had been turned into the atomic equivalent of Swiss cheese.

To animals of the forest, the next day was a welcome relief.
No jets flew overhead, no cars traveled the roads, and power
lines swayed silently in the breeze.

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