Spammer IP Blocklist

My mail server handles mail for a number of addresses and domains, so it gets some spam. Only about 1% of it gets through though. I use spamhaus and spamcop's distributed blacklists in conjunction with a hand-maintained IP-address-based block list. Once something goes into the block list, it's unlikely to ever come out. This turns out to be pretty effective because a lot of spammers appear to return to the same permissive ISPs to host their spam runs. If I block an IP range from what appears to be a highly permissive spammer ISP, there's a good chance that one of the class C IP blocks belonging to that ISP will block a spam run a month or two later.

Here are some blocklist entries, ordered by the month that I added them, along with how many (usually class C ranges, but occasional class B) entries are in each month's file. These are in the form of a sendmail access file. Feel free to use them however you'd like.

217.txtFeb 2017323
117.txtJan 2017468
C16.txtDec 201623
B16.txtNov 20164
A16.txtOct 20162
916.txtSep 2016135
816.txtAug 2016294
716.txtJul 2016272
616.txtJun 201633
516.txtMay 20166
416.txtApr 201647
316.txtMar 201620
216.txtFeb 201618
116.txtJan 201695
C15.txtDec 2015170
B15.txtNov 2015394
A15.txtOct 2015554
915.txtSep 2015187
815.txtAug 201595
715.txtJul 2015126
615.txtJun 2015175
515.txtMay 201582
415.txtApr 2015425
315.txtMar 2015191
215.txtFeb 2015181
115.txtJan 2015111
C14.txtDec 2014386
B14.txtNov 2014511
A14.txtOct 2014201
914.txtSep 2014522
814.txtAug 2014622
714.txtJul 2014616
614.txtJun 2014315
514.txtMay 20141322
414.txtApr 20141755
314.txtMar 20141812
214.txtFeb 2014310
114.txtJan 201458
C13.txtDec 2013117
B13.txtNov 2013208
A13.txtOct 201375
913.txtSep 20139
813.txtAug 201319
713.txtJul 201319
613.txtJun 201327
513.txtMay 201384
413.txtApr 201313
313.txtMar 201378
213.txtFeb 20133
113.txtJan 20136
C12.txtDec 20126
B12.txtNov 20124
A12.txtOct 2012102
912.txtSep 201296