Making Myth II Single Player Maps with Fear and Loathing

howtosin.txt - just the facts, mon. 36K - the facts and supporting files. 550K

What's in the zip file:
howtosin.txt                  - the tutorial
example.txt                   - the tutorial's exported map actions
example.bmp                   - a 512x512 color landscape texture
examover.bmp                  - resampled to 128x128 for an overhead map
local\meshes\example          - Files created in Myth II's local directory
local\collections\example       after going through the tutorial.

Download Protect Your Peasant! Download it now! It's based on the I'll Dance On Your Grave mesh and contains tons of scripting. At higher levels, it's a toughie. Definitely check out these films of it being played at various difficulty settings. Enjoy!

The tutorial takes from 2 to 3 hours to complete, though your mileage will probably vary. Having tested this tutorial a few times now, it takes me about an hour. The zip file is not necessary unless you want to be able to jump right in without having to create your own color .BMP (PC) or .PICT (Mac) file first, or if you want to start out by checking out a completed version of what the tutorial has you build.

Mac users: Alvin tells me that the Mac Myth II would boot him back to the main menu after loading the pre-built example map that I included in, but he was able to get it to work by loading it up with Fear (open up "meshes" and then double-click on "example") and unchecking "Has Limited Terrain Visibility". It might also be necessary to set "Overhead Map" to "No Tag". Sounds like the overhead map built by the PC version of Fear may not be compatible with what the Mac Myth II wants...?