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Woah!! Bill laughs and calls the Corporals Pansy Momma's Boys to their faces!

Bill Spencer walked through Corporal Punishment in Nightmare mode and scored 64/64 kills! He took a surgically planned approach to the Corporals and methodically destroyed them. Resource conservation was superb, with ammo being squeezed out only as needed and health/armor on the strictest of rationing. Bill knew where every one of these guys were hiding so well that I had to start wondering if he'd built the level! Watching this demo was really great for me because it gave me some ideas about how to make the Corpse Boys more devious. Thanks Bill! (900k) Bill's Nightmare Demo

corp2.txt (5k) - About Corporal Punishment II (622k) - Corporal Punishment II (1.1M) - Corporal Punishment (797k) - Just like my Seattle basement (467k) - My favorite one (458k) - Single & DM

Some Corporal-related stuff: (475k) - The texture WAD (207k) - 5:27 walkthrough on HARD skill

Many many thanks to everyone who's sent feedback on the levels, to all the level review page webmasters and killer level authors out there for continuing to provide me with both inspiration and great levels to play, and to all the other excellent add-on creators of monsters, bots, and other Quake C works of art!

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