Free annoying, awful, amateur music!

I ran across a wonderful algorithmic MIDI note generator written in 1995 by Lars Kindermann. Here it is, driving an Oberheim Matrix 2000.
I cannot state with certainty whether this music was created or discovered.

base_nine.mp3     base_seven.mp3

I spent a month on a guitar preamp and distortion circuit using some cool old GE 2N169A germanium transistors that were made in 1957 and that I have been toting around with me since high school.

germanium.mp3     nosynth.mp3     nosynth4.mp3

Synthetic voices used to make vague comments about the state of things.


Franklin D. Roosevelt sings a song about U.S. preemptive strike policy:


I have an old Ensoniq SQR synth. This is mostly a bunch of different sounds from it:


I like tortillas, inspired by a big stack of tortillas Mary brought home one fine summer day in June 2016. Straight guitar and vocals at one go. Terrifying. I don't know how musicians do it.


This "music" was "produced" entirely on "location" in the "lavish" "recording studios" of "Cryogenius Records".