Mo contemplates an inferior being.

This four-legged walker has three servos per leg, uses servo controllers from and receives motion commands via a 9600 baud RS-232 tether from a PC. Servo controller power is an onboard 9 volt battery, and servo motor power is a 5 volt tether from an old AT style power supply. There is also an onboard powered Stamp microcontroller from Parallax that was intended to receive sensor inputs, but it is not being used.

The robot can walk forward and backward and turn left or right using preprogrammed motion sequences. A 90 degree turn takes about 10 seconds. The script on the right is a snippet from the motion sequence file that the servo controller code loads.

TicksPerSecond 24

Primitive SwayRight {
  servo 2   to 100% in 16
  servo 10  to 100% in 16
  servo 5   to 0% in 16
  servo 13  to 0% in 16

Primitive LeanForward {
  servo 0   to 60% in 16
  servo 3   to 60% in 16
  servo 8   to 60% in 16
  servo 11  to 60% in 16

Movement BustaMove {
    SwayRight in 16
    LeanForward in 16

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