Will Team AA Complete The Dog Dish Dervish Of DOooommmm! In Time?

Work proceeds at a breakneck pace. Alwyn has procured the weapon system and is tuning it for maximum damage and Aaron is putting finishing touches on the safety shutdown mechanism to insure that the Dog Dish Dervish of DOooommmm does not go on a rampage into a screaming crowd of humans, no matter how awesome the television coverage would be.

It's already drawing blood! YES!

We don' need no steenkin' warranty!

Ready for battle!

These ultra-traction rubber tires will help us push the remaining
scraps of our opponents into the pit.

Oh my GOD! We must not allow it to fall into the wrong hands!

If we lose radio contact, a relay cuts power to the motors
in an attempt to prevent it from destroying civilization.

Game Day

Dog Dish Dervish of Doom fans RULE!!!

The Dervish enters the arena where business is conducted.

The Dervish takes a hit from an agile and dangerous competitor.

2 minutes into the match, our opponent develops an electrical problem
and cannot move. The Dervish of Doom is declared the victor!